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3 to 6 Years

Your 3 to 6 year old will love it here.  God’s Word comes alive through storytelling, upbeat music and entertaining videos. In this encouraging environment, your child will have fun, play, make friends and learn more about who Jesus is.

7 to 9 Years

Your 7 to 9 year old child will experience Bible truths in exciting ways that capture their attention and keep them coming back for more.  The programs are designed to give children a memorable experience as they learn about God. Each week, the Bible comes to life through exciting games, drama, video and upbeat music! Interactive small groups help your child see how God works in their life and allows them to connect with other kids and leaders.

10 to 12 Years

We give preteens a hands-on approach to life through a biblical lens, helping them connect with other kids their age and their leaders. We focus on God and how we can serve Him in our schools, neighborhoods and families. Preteens also get to experience small huddle groups on Sunday mornings where they discuss God’s Word and how it applies to their lives.

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